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Friday, October 15, 2010

Pop it up

3-D Pop-up Greeting Cards & Paper Sculpture by Gerry Stormer

3-D Pop-up Greeting Cards & Paper Sculptures
by Gerry Stormer>><<><<

Say it with a collage...




Thursday, October 14, 2010

Opening your own studio doesn´t have to be that expensive...

I would really like to work at this type of studio...
cheap and useful with natural touch

Brandbase Pallets by Most Architecture            more info...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Put some life into your home

Natural and artificial grass can be used in many ways in our living enviroment, giving it a little bit of a fresh greeny outside nature touch 

We all know that it´s more comfy to walk on grass...

charging dock

niiiiiice coffetables

the coolest coffeetables around, some of them you could actually make yourself easily, but some of them are just simple too cool 

"The more Pong the better"  
Moritz Waldemeyers interactive Corian tables

Home Disco  by Moritz Waldemeyer
The coolest Ipod dock you will ever dance on

Folding table  22 pcs
by Grand Central  Milan Designweek 2010

Hang your books up boy !

old car tyre... 
you could also find a truck tire and cut out 
a glass or wooden top for it ? hmmm

just cut out really really many wooden frames and fix them together

We love clever ideas on small spaces...

Almost to good to be true!

Another brilliant idea

Some studio apartments are just bigger than others!